Retail and Shopping Centers

Retail and Shopping Centers

Did you know that it is not the proximity of home or work that determines customers to choose a shopping center against another? Most often, the building architecture, the shopping experience, how quickly you get to the desired shelves or to the cash register are the triggers that determine you to choose a specific shopping center. So, our advice is to choose the right team in order to create shopping centers that will soon be in the top of your customer preferences. Check out our portfolio of projects and if you need us we're at a phone call or an email address away.

Construction Management, Cost supervision and lender representative reporting.
  • Project, construction and pre-construction supervision to the completion of the works with site inspectors (diriginti de santier)
  • Construction Management, Cost Management, Time Management, Quality Management (Diriginti de santier), Change Management, Risk and issue Management, Procurement Management, Environmental, Health and Safety Management.
  • Commercial and Cost Management. Recovery programming
  • Construction and Cost Management. Diriginti and Design services
  • Construction Management, Cost supervision and lender representative reporting.
  • Construction and Cost Management, Commercial Supervision, Negotiations and Recommendations with Contractors, Tenant fit-out coordination, Diriginti services, Lender’s representation, H&S Coordination
  • Lender's representative reporting
  • Cost Management, budget reconciliation and forecast, commercial contract draft, negotiation, supervision and administration of contracts
  • Construction Management, Cost Management, Budget reconciliation and forecast, lender supervision and commercial contract draft
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