Project outline and scope of works

Aquarius Grup and specifically Paul Singleton were involved with this project for many years before the commencement of construction works; advising on the master planning, infrastructure, procurement and the design issues.

The engagement of Aquarius Grup included acting as a construction manager and developing a procurement and delivery strategy that saved circa 1 year when compared to a traditional form of procurement.

Aquarius Grup reviewed and supervised the design and permitting, the procurement of the structure, and all individual packages including the re-permitting of the project following extensive tenant and Client driven change.

Aquarius Grup undertook responsibility for construction management, coordination, cost control, commercial supervision of all contracts, drafting of tender enquiries, negotiations and recommendations with contractors, post construction maintenance and defects supervision including full state inspector services (diriginte de santier) and lenders representation support and cost control against the fixed budget.

The intensive nature of this project determined that Aquarius Grup had a wide ranging multi- disciplined team on site and provided additional remote resources to provide claim defence and mitigation with associated commercial strategy to ensure timely completion of the works.

Project Data

SIZE: 105 000 m2


NO. OF CONTRACTORS: Multiple contractors and designers (approx. 40 interfaces)

SERVICES PROVIDED: Construction Management, Cost Management, Budget reconciliation and forecast, lender supervision and commercial contract draft, negotiation, supervision and administration. Assistance with contractor dispute / claim settlements. Diriginti services.

FORM OF CONTRACT: FIDIC Design & Build ‘95 Orange Book

DESIGNED BY: Contractor’s and Client’s architects